Fun with Foam - Sensory play idea

Being in COVID isolation has meant that we have all had to try every trick in the book to keep kids entertained and engaged with learning. It is also a huge bonus if we can create some sort of fun and sensory play using something we already have in the cupboard as we can’t always pop out to the shops every day.

While I was attempting to make a vegan cake that I discovered Aquafaba, an alternative in baking for egg whites but it can also be a super fun foam for sensory play for kids. It is also taste safe as it is made from three simple ingredients.



- 1 portion of Aquafaba (liquid drained from can of chick peas)

1/4 teaspoon of Cream of Tartar

food colouring


Simply mix all ingredients in a bowl and then beat with an electric beater until it forms stiff peaks. The smell of the chick peas can be a little strong so I added some essential oil. Once it is all whipped up you are ready for some messy fun.